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Martin Tindall, the innovative advisor at the helm of Phoenix Life Sciences, has cultivated an internationally-inspired business perspective over the course of his career.

Because Phoenix Life Sciences focuses on groundbreaking research, analysis, and the production of disruptive healthcare solutions, Martin is passionate about collaborating with other professionals and executing projects and partnerships on both large and small scales. This often requires travelling, which Martin is more than happy to do, to meet other like-minded professionals who have big ideas on how to drive progress in the medical cannabis industry.

Martin focuses on growing the impact of Phoenix Life Sciences both nationally and internationally. The company is currently expanding its professional network and developing production facilities, proprietary testing laboratories, and Life Sciences Campuses around the world.


Ecology and Energy

Disruptive Healthcare

Prior to Phoenix Life Sciences, Martin Tindall has held key executive positions over the past 15 years with both private and publicly listed companies, many of them globally oriented. He studied Accounting and Commercial and Company Law at Western Sydney Institute of Higher Education, and spent much of his early career focused on the integration of technology within international trade and finance. He spent several years in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand creating teams and developing cutting-edge technology platforms to meet the dynamic needs of these two sectors.

Later, Martin’s executive work with Kronos International Investments LLP allowed him to pursue international projects even further. He worked on diverse business initiatives spanning medical marijuana, ecology and energy, land use development, technology, and financial platforms. For example, he directed South Pacific Biofuels PLC, which specialized in growing BioDiesel in the South Pacific as an alternate energy source.

Events and Activities

Martin now frequently attends and participates in industry-specific events, such as professional conferences in which physicians provide their insights into the the most effective delivery systems for medical cannabis. Most recently, Martin presented the business model of Phoenix Life Sciences at an exclusive and intimate event hosted by TABOR Capital Conferences. He will collaborate with TABOR again in May of 2017.

Martin Tindall views cross-cultural competence and international sensitivity as key components for successful business growth, particularly in the area of medical cannabis. For this reason, he follows legal and legislative developments regarding the use of medical cannabis not just in the United States, but in countries around the world. On this blog he’ll share some of his insights and highlight experiences from previous and future conferences.

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